lake district3There are several ways to tour a new city and while you can opt for the bus tour, keep in mind there are many different ways to stop and smell the roses these days! Walking, biking, skiing, check! Did you know you can even zipline through a rainforest? So go ahead and book that bus tour but be open to other modes of transportation and you might be surprised by what you see.

If England, Scotland or Wales is on your travel itinerary for 2013, English Lakeland Ramblers has listed 24 walking tours which cover much of those areas. According to CEO Jeff Kendrick, it will be introducing several new tours that include London and the Cotswolds, The Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall and Cornwall: Coastal England which will introduce visitors to 2,000 years of British history as well as some of the most thrilling scenery in Europe.

bordeauxItaly or France on your list? Next year, VBT Bicycle and Walking tours have added itineraries within those countries to its impressive roster of United States and European cities. Oh, it has ski tours, too, for all you ski bunnies out there!

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a walking tour. Ciao TravelingMom regularly hits the streets of Old Town Alexandria in Virginia near her hometown to enjoy the dolce vita.


Amy Oztan even talks about how you can zipline through a rainforest in a recent piece for TravelingMom.

What is the craziest or most fun way you’ve experienced a city?

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