light_fitMost of the time I’m traveling without kids for business reasons.  Every business traveling mom knows that the end of each travel day is topped off with a marathon meal of sorts. Before dinner drinks, appetizer, first course, entrée, dessert and after dinner drinks – all after 8:00pm.   What a recipe for disaster! Recently in Tampa, Florida I found a solution to my problem at Seasons 52 Fresh Grille Restaurant. Get this, ladies…everything on the menu is under 475 calories. It provides a satisfying meal at the end of a long day and you are still contributing to your health and well-being without contributing to you BMI.  There are 20 locations across the US. From this point forward, I will always seek this place out in my business travels. Yes, I know that even McDonald’s offers you a grilled chicken salad so you have the option of choosing healthy meal almost anywhere you go. In my case, I’d rather not have the temptation. Knowing that everything on the menu is less than 475 calories makes my evening a whole lot easier to manage.  The portion and the choice of meal are perfect for those of us who skip our morning workout we are traveling for business.
After having such a healthy entrée you can always enjoy the specialty dessert – The Mini Indulgence.   How often do I order the chocolate cake with the intent on eating on half of it? Inevitably, I swallow the entire 900 calorie portion.  No worries at Seasons 52 because you can have your choice of chocolate mousse, turtle pecan cheesecake, or Florida key lime pie.  The secret is in the portion.  It’s enough to satisfy you without drowning you in travel calories or needless guilt.
As a serious traveling mom, I am on the road so often that making the right choices during a business dinner could mean the difference in wearing my skinny jeans or my “fat” stretch pants when I get home. Besides, I would like to take control of this now before the airlines start charging me for bodyweight along with my bags.