ScrumptiousCandyTMOMIf visions of Sugar Babies, Cow Pokes, Wax Lips and Homemade Ice Cream dance in your head, then you’ll want to make Scrumptious, your family vacation dessert experience in Olde Town Arvada, 20 minutes west of downtown Denver. Scrumptious is an award-winning, old-fashioned ice cream parlor and candy store in Olde Town Arvada, Colorado.

From the moment you step into Scrumptious, adults are transported to the days of old while children do the happy dance.

There’s a “parlor” to the immediate left and then the space opens up to visions of candy overload! Local Denver Channel 7 viewers nominated Scrumptious as the best Ice Cream Shop in Denver , and within minutes, you’ll agree that this is one of many tasty places in Arvada.

Look to the right, past the counter, and set your sights on the glass case filled with original home-made ice cream flavors, created by resident owner Scott Spears, a local realtor turned ice cream guru.

Spears says guests can always choose from 24 flavors of ice cream , and that he’s created as many as 175 flavors. His creations include iconic names like “Elvis” for the peanut butter/banana flavor right alongside long-time favorites, such as vanilla and chocolate.

Undecided? No problem, ask for a sample, and then order your favorite ice cream, in a cup or a waffle cone – any way you like it. CAUTION: portions are generous!

While savoring your ice cream, explore the colorful right side of Scrumptious, overflowing with candies of yesteryear and today. A popular stop for kids is the Pucker Powder machine – think Fun Dip – where kids can create their own sweet nectar. The wall is lined with candy bins, so you can mix and match your own.  From Moon Pies to Sugar Babies, Cinnamon Teddy Bears to themed Wax Lips, Bubble Gum to Red Licorice; whatever your taste buds crave in sugar, you’ll find it here at Scrumptious.

A 360 degree view of sweet Arvada candy store, ScrumptiousLocated on Grandview in the heart of the revitalized Olde Town, Scrumptious hits a sweet spot with the young and old alike and is yet another thing to do in Arvada.

Scrumptious7523 Grandview Avenue
Arvada, Colorado 80002
(303) 431-2639

Photo above couresty of Scrumptious