DeluxeCoolerCubeXLAfter reading a recent post Food We are Taking to Disney by Rhode Island Traveling Mom, I realized that I knew all about this topic.  We went to Disney World about ten times while we were stationed in Florida.  We went so often that we found ourselves trying to save money any way we could.  One of the main ways we did this was buying as little food in the park as possible.

All of the four main parks allow you to bring in a soft sided cooler.  The two water parks allow you to take in a hard sided cooler.  We always took our larger soft sided cooler with us and when we needed to we also took a second smaller cooler.  We also took two small freezer pack things to put in the cooler to keep the food cold at the park and two sizes of Ziploc baggies to split the food into.  I have three kids, so every item I packed there needed to be three of.  If you make sandwiches in the room you will need sandwich size bags.  We also make it a point to freeze some of the water bottles the night before.  The frozen water will keep the cooler cold.

We took in a variety of items.  Keep in mind we had a car and had no problem hitting a grocery store or two.  There are also convenient stores/gas stations throughout Disney property and the nearest Wal Mart is close by.  Also, you can get any utensils or condiments you may need at the park.  No one is going to say anything to you if you go up to the condiment bar and get what you need.   Here is a list of the things we have taken in with us.

Cold Items:
Yogurt sticks
Cheese sticks
Sodas (cans are fine, but no glass!)
Premade sandwiches
Fruit cups

Room Temperature
Fruit and nut mix
Granola bars
Pop tarts
Fruit snacks


Other random items
Reusable coffee mug filled with coffee
Drinks mixes – You can refill your water bottles all over any of these parks, but sometimes the water doesn’t taste good.  The water at the Magic Kingdom tastes especially bad.  We refill and then mix in a drink flavor packets and the problem is solved.

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