Salamander Resort #virginiaisforlovers Visit Loudon County

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In a brilliant marketing stroke WAAAAY back in 1969, the Virginia is for Lovers travel slogan was born and the romantic Salamander Resort is just the place to celebrate today.

There couldn’t possibly be better timing for a motto born in the time of Free Love and Woodstock. The current revival of the official slogan amidst the ‘hashtag’ craze as #VirginaIsForLovers keeps it current with the social media obsessed as well!

Volkswagen Logo with Jetta at Salamander Resort #VWDrive 2015 event

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DestinationReviewI visited as a guest of Volkswagen, which graciously hosted several bloggers and car lovers at the beautiful Salamander Resort in Loudoun County (pictured above).

The Loudoun County I have visited before is the epitome of suburban sprawl, home to plenty of federal government workers who commute to Washington D.C. I didn’t realize there are hundreds of miles of wide open country just on the other side of that sprawl. Fields, co-op farming, quaint country villages and a lot of wineries are part of the romantic western side of Loudoun.


These villages and townships have fought hard to keep their roads small and the big developers out. The result is nearly a step back in time to a simpler life and a calming atmosphere.

Salamander Resort

The gorgeous Salamander Resort is a relative newcomer to Loudoun County and if you haven’t heard about it… trust me. Think about spending time here with your significant other. We live about 6 hours driving distance to the Middleburg,Virginia, area and I’m making anniversary plans now for a luxurious, romantic… yet ACTIVE weekend at Salamander with my husband. They have worked closely with the smaller towns to support them while keeping the overall feel of the countryside authentic.

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Located directly on the Salamander estate are stables and a huge tree-top ziplining course. The resort has a spa and fitness classes also located within. Strolling around the vast green-ness is so peaceful you’ll need to schedule time for wandering. In the evenings the resort lights up outdoor gas fireplaces and ‘smores can be made!

There are a couple restaurants on site and more in the nearby small town of Middleburg which also has possibly the cutest shopping streets I’ve ever seen.

The zippy new Golf GTI is driving fun according to Nicole Wakelin

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Plus if you and your lover are the type to enjoy a zippy drive around the countryside like my friend Nicole Wakelin, who was smitten with the peppy VW Golf GTI out on those windy roads, then get out and explore the small towns, local farms and wineries!

Romantic Afternoon Drive

Sunflowers in beautiful Loudon County #virginiaisforlovers

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I was in my photographic happy place after wandering around the grounds of the Salamander, first catching sunflowers sunning themselves at a local U-Pick farm.

Drive a few miles to Great Country Farms where, depending on the season, you can pick peaches or apples or pumpkins.A sister farm up the hill is a winery called Bluemont Vineyard, and the suggested favorite is the Peach Wine. (You’ll have to ask Nicole, I didn’t taste the wine!)

Next drive a little bit further north to Purcellville and enjoy lunch at Magnolias inside an old Mill. The town is also known for its antique shops. And you can catch a selfie with one of the LOVE signs sprinkled around the state!

Western Loudoun County is about 45 miles from Washington DC but only 23 miles from Dulles Airport. You can get to the Salamander Resort from New York City in just over 5 hours.

#VirginiaIsForLovers LOVE sign in Loudon County Purcellville wineries

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If #VirginiaIsForLovers then I’m thinking you need to plan your next romantic getaway to the quieter side of the state!

Disclosure: My trip to Loudon County was paid for by Volkswagen. My photos speak for themselves. My opinion and awe of the Virginia countryside is all my own.




More photos because I just can’t help myself…

Horse Stables at Salamander Resort #VirginiaIsForLoversf

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The Stables and Gardens at Salamander Resort.

Country Fields and horses at Salamander Resort #VirginiaIsForLovers

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Picturesque countryside and horses at Salamander Resort.


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Historic Purcellville vintage clock and walkable downtown.