massageDuring my stay at Lighthouse Resort & Spa on my vacation AFTER Disney I was treated to a wonderful massage by Mary at Relaxed, Yet?. I have been to many spas but I always feel so self-conscious while I am there. Just how naked should I get? Did I remember to shave? Ugh, I should have gotten a pedicure because my feet are disgusting. Yes, these are real thoughts that run through my mind.

I can’t be the only one who has these thoughts. So I asked Mary if she would go on record with her answers. Sadly I wasn’t one of the lucky winners of the Kodak PlayTouch video cameras at the Traveling Moms retreat because as you can see I could have really used a video camera with a mic to block out all that background noise. Maybe next time!

But hopefully, you can still hear her fabulous advice!



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Oh, and if you are still wondering how naked to get? I asked the readers on my blog. Come read their surprising answers on Mom Off Track.