Hello, this is China Calling…

Did you just say CHINA!

I need to sit down, breathe into a paper bag and get a HOLD of my inner Chi for a second.


Okay. There. I’m back.
Yes, YES(!) I would like to travel to China with a group of other bloggers!


What was the date again? Because I thought you said the last weekend in April.
Please no. Please tell me it’s Any. Other. Week. Than. THAT. Week.

Because. PROM.
I have a senior daughter. PROM?
All the drama and all the fun and all the photographing and did I mention… PROM!

That means I’m the Prom Mom and face it there are no good travel reasons you can miss Prom.

Well… maybe China is a good enough travel reason; I reasoned?

Hopeful; I reached out to my Facebook World and they came back with a collective avalanche of NO!

“China can wait, it’s not going anywhere,” said EVERYONE.

What would you do if you had to choose between a trip to CHINA or being their for your child's Prom?

Photo Credit: Carissa Rogers —Her daughter and date

Being present for your kid’s Prom moment is not optional. There could be complications on any number of distress levels. Dress mis-fittings, boutonniere fiascos or last minute ‘where is my other shoe?’ issues have cropped up for us, all easily averted with my #PromMom-superpowers.

With Mother’s Day around the corner I find myself crossing into unknown territory with one teen moving to college soon and two more teens hot on her trail, I realize there are fewer and fewer Prom Mom opportunities.

Which is more important: Experiencing Tai Chi in Shanghai and photographing ancient water towns? Or obtaining last minute mascara while scampering around looking for umbrellas because… Who Ordered the Rain?!

It’s not a question of travel priorities.
It’s a question of Mom-Priorities.

What’s YOUR #PromMom story?