what to expect when your child starts preschool

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A new school year is starting across the country and moms with kids older than five usually know what to expect. However for moms with a kid starting preschool for the first time there is a lot of uncertainty – like will your child let go of your leg the first morning when you drop him or her off? While the answer is probably no, it helps to know what that first day will be like. And while leaving your children when they are screaming their head off seems extremely difficult, just remember they will be fine as soon as you’re out of eyesight and you get to go home to take an uninterrupted shower that lasts longer than two minutes.

Summer is coming to a close and it is time to trade late nights and beach vacations for early mornings and bus schedules. You’ve read all the books, scoured the Internet’s “expert” sources, and even shaken down local moms at the city park in search of tips, tricks, and tidbits for sending your child to their first day of preschool. Finally, the day has come. Some of us will spend that first morning hiding our tears from our preschoolers. Others will spend it worrying over every single “what-if” situation that will pop into their heads.

Then there are those of us who will be throwing our very own one-person party in our empty house.

Whether you’re freaked out or festive, here are some of the ways you can expect your life to change once you and your little one trade home work for homework:

A Whole New Schedule

moms will experience a whole new schedule when their toddler starts preschool for the first time

Moms will have little trouble filling their schedule when their child starts preschool. Photo courtesy Pixabay.

You’ll finally have a schedule – not an endless stream of catastrophes (chasing an overtired, rambunctious two-year-old, wiping away dried-up boogers, watching Doc McStuffins on repeat, preventing the dog from eating Junior’s lunch, etc).

Now that your son or daughter is off to pre-k, mom’s schedule will now involve a lot less whine and a lot more wine.

Be sure to approach these precious few hours strategically – you only have so many before the rugrat bursts through the front door like a wrecking ball! Now is the time to get reacquainted with some old friends you may have forgotten about: uninterrupted and unaccompanied showers, full episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and completing an entire home improvement project.

And the best part is you can do the same thing tomorrow!

Order (Somewhat) Restored

a clean house is one thing you can expect when your toddler starts school

Imagine having a clean house when your child stars preschool. Photo courtesy Pixabay.

I know, it almost seems like magic – beds are staying made, milk stays in its container and not on the floor, and clothes are somehow still in the hamper every time you check. Even though it might seem like it, little woodland creatures are not sneaking about, helping to keep your house clean; and you are not Cinderella, so take off your daughter’s tiara.

The fact is your tiny terror is off plotting the overthrow of the playground rather than coloring all over your freshly waxed floors and sparkling white walls. Imagine it – things you cleaned remaining clean! It’s as if you’ve been granted your own fairy Godmother!

Unfortunately, this carriage also has a time limit – and it will abruptly turn back into a pumpkin as soon as school lets out. Enjoy it while you can, princess.

Solo Shopping

shopping trips are so much easier when you toddler starts school for the first time

Solo shopping trips will be a regular thing when your child starts preschool. Photo courtesy Pixabay.

Need to run out for a quick sec to grab something you forgot for dinner? Want to stop at Target on your way home after dropping off the kids? Go for it – you can do that now!

No more fist fights breaking out when it comes time to strap into the car seat. No more temper tantrums over toys or candy in the middle of the feminine hygiene aisle.

You can finally try on clothes without any curious and judging eyes – besides your own, of course.

The Sweet Sound of Silence

silence can be expected when you send your kids to preschool for the first time

Enjoy silence and relaxation when your preschooler goes to school for the first time. Photo courtesy Pixabay.

While your preschooler is practicing (not) using his inside voice at school, you’ll finally learn the true meaning behind the phrase “silence is golden.”

It can be overwhelming at first, but you’ll quickly come to appreciate a change of soundtrack. Fall Out Boy will replace Frozen; gentle purrs will replace your cat’s telltale shriek when his tail gets pulled. You’ll finally be able to catch up on that Netflix series – you know, the one with the hot, young actor who seems to be deathly allergic to shirts? The gentle whoosh of cotton being pulled over his head is one sound that will never get old…

Missing Them like Crazy

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Of course, there is one HUGE negative to your child finally entering the school system.

You’ll lose your little partner in crime.

And you’re going to miss them. Like so. Damn. MUCH!

The first few hours of that first day will be full of catching up on errands, or taking a nap…but around the time you find yourself reorganizing the Tupperware drawer for the 17th time, you’ll start watching the clock. You’ll find yourself wanting to be needed again. And when he finally gets home, he will be a whole new person with all kinds of stories to share with you about what he learned, who he met, and how excited he is for the next day.

That night, you’ll both go to sleep looking forward to the morning – and it will be the most freaky, festive feeling ever!