Preferred Family Logo Having the right resources to plan a trip – especially one that includes children – is a luxury that no traveler should be without. When you can pair that resource with the cream of the crop in luxury hotel properties, your trip gets an upgrade to a whole new level.

Preferred Hotel Group , has set the bar higher than most when it comes to finding a truly family-friendly trip on a luxury level. It all starts with their in depth certification process.

Naturally one would expect that Preferred Hotel Group – a leader in the luxury hotel industry – offers the best in high-end properties. However, luxury alone won’t gain a hotel the coveted “Preferred Family” certification. Simply calling themselves “family-friendly” or touting that families are welcomed, not the key that unlocks this door either.


To become “Preferred Family Certified” by this premier association of luxury independent hotels, a property has to go that extra mile to prove what makes them family-friendly. Once they’ve completed this rigorous process, properties can then show those credentials off as a member of Preferred Hotel Group’s new family travel resource,

Traveling with toddlers, teens or a few tweens? Want connecting rooms so you can have a little quiet time? Have a budding foodie who wants to take some cooking lessons on vacation? That’s where Preferred Family becomes your own personal concierge and an outstanding travel resource.

Pref Fam serves as your online family travel planning consierge. With the ability to refine your search by destination, age, activities, amenities and more, your trip will be truly customized . Can’t find what you’re looking for and would like a little “real person” help? Preferred family is ready to talk you through the process. I found the site to be one of the most user-friendly travel planning sites I’ve used – and I’ve used quite a few.

The ability to choose the options that best suit your family’s needs and interests, was a unique and helpful tool. Having children in a wide age range myself, I am often frustrated that many properties only offer family-friendly features that address a narrow age range. afforded me the ability to customize my requests and find a property that offered something for my teens as well as younger children.

For example, at a glance I can tell that Dromoland Castle (County Clare, Ireland) offers activities and amenities for all of my children.

Dromoland PFPreferred Family Certified properties also detail exactly what they offer for families. Dromomland Castle features an indoor pool, which means I can plan my trip any time of year and know that my kids will be able to swim. My children love to swim. This property also offers spa services for children, a feature that will undoubtedly get my 14-year-old daughter’s vote.


Little touches often make a big difference when traveling with children.

The Jefferson in Washington, DC – known for it’s sophistication and well thought-out design – welcomes children with kid-sized robes and slippers (just like mommy and daddy).

The service doesn’t stop once you’ve settled in at your family-friendly destination.

Three Days In…” is the ultimate family-friendly feature. Here you can find a plethora of things to do at your destination. From local culture to eating like a local, points of interest to finding care for the kids so you can explore, this site can make that happen. Just imagine a day out in Paris with the family hitting all those enriching experiences, then spending an evening at a quaint cafe on the Champs-Élysées while the kids stay at the hotel and play.

Preferred Hotels have over 230 participating luxury hotels located all over the world. Some of which our own Luxury Traveling Mom (Kim-Marie) has visited and shared her views on. Choose a beachfront property, a chic spot in the city, a resort or stately locale for the “royal” treatment. “Preferred Family Certified” means you your family will be welcomed in style with activities, accommodations all designed with them in mind.

Preferred Family may just become a travel planning luxury you won’t want to do without.

Editorial Note: Preferred Hotel Group paid for a review of their new site here on Traveling Mom. The author of this piece provided an honest opinion of the user viewpoint for the Preferred

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