crispyappleWhether you are leaving the house for a week-long vacation, or just spending the day in the park, you will need to bring snacks, both for you and your kids.

Fresh fruit is one of the best choices. Once babies are a year old, you can give them grapes, strawberries and blueberries. Although kids over a year old can chew grapes, watch kids carefully when they eat grapes and don’t give grapes to a baby sitting alone in the back seat.

Organic or not?

Though the jury is out on whether organic fruit has more nutrients than conventional, it certainly has no pesticide residue. A new chemical was recently approved for use on California strawberries. Avoid this with organic fruit. Earthbound Farm has a wide variety of organic, kid-friendly fruit.


What if you can’t find fresh fruit?

If you are away for awhile, you may want to stock up on packable snacks, which kids often demand, anywya. My kids always wanted ‘food that you buy,’ as if the food in our house had appeared there magically. I would ‘trick’ them with carefully chosen mom-approved snacks. A new line of freeze-dried fruit, Crispy Green has single serve bags of freeze dried mango, apple, Asian pear, banana or pineapple. There is no added sugar, and no preservatives.

Jars of baby food are easily portable and even the mainstream Gerber has organic fruit purees of bananas, apples, pear or prune, organic vegetable purees of sweet potatoes, carrots and peas and over a dozen organic second foods, chunkier fruit or vegetable blends.