ontheroadI can’t believe that Passover is just 15 days away. Many a Jewish family will be traveling to Kosher for Passover resorts and hotels with toddlers, or to their relatives in another state.These Kosher for Passover travel options are very expensive, even if kids do get to go for free or at a discounted rate (kosher food and converting the hotel kitchen to a kitchen Kosher for Passover kitchen is expensive). If you are looking for this type of awaytion with your family this year, I found a lot of options at TotallyJewishTravel.com. There is almost too much going on over there, so know what you are looking for to make your search more efficient. 

For those of you on a staycation this Passover (like my family) make your Seder all that with this complete list of food products and beverages at OU (Orthodox Union).  If you are looking for something to during the last days of Passover, make plans with a family with kids and spend it together.

 Last year, we spent the last days of Passover with our friends and we had the most incredible time. Our kids played together beautifully. Sure, there was an occassional leaky diaper and plate of food on the floor, but we were in it together. In order to make things easier on our friends both financially and physically, we split the meals, child care, and clean up. The wives napped while the ur ohusbands watched the kids (we loved this). We brought chicken, kugels, salads, and other Passover staples with us in our big red cooler. Passover is completely Gluten-free (gluten is bread and we eliminate if for eight days). There are so many delicious recipes without Matzo in them, here is a link to one of my favorites, Pam Reiss’s Passover Collection.

As a kosher traveling mom, whether we are heading to the New York Hall of Science or driving from New York to Orlando, we always travel with a cooler or two in tow. We need to be prepared for anything, especially if we can’t find out where the nearest grocery store is and if they even have the kosher food products that we need. That is why I am really excited about a new gadget I just learned about from mygrocerymaster.com.


iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users following specialty diets including Kosher, gluten-free and lactose-free can now find comfort in knowing their food needs are at their fingertips. All we have to do is type in the our zip code, search a food product and “My Grocery Master” will scan its database of the top 100 grocery store chains in the country to identify the nearest store that carries the desired items.  The App’s database of stores includes; Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Alberstons, Wegman’s WalMart, Giant Food and Stop & Shop to name a few. In addition, “My Grocery Master” provides convenient driving directions from your location to the selected grocery store. MyGroceryMaster is constatnly updating their database with new products and a variety of diet types.

Here are some more reasons why you will want to have this application with you when you travel:

  • Database of over 100,000 products for Kosher, gluten-free and lactose-free  diets

  • Over 360 name brands

  • Future updates to include searches for Vegan, Organic and diabetic suitable diets

  • Search by category, brand of product name

  • Frequent, FREE updates with new products and brands

  • Includes most Top 100 grocery store chains in the country and the leading online grocery stores

  • One-touch link to the My Grocery Master website providing recipes and more information

  • No connectivity required unless you utilize the one-touch website links

  • Save searches for easy future access

  • Driving directions to store included

  • A low annual $4.99 fee

Whether you keep kosher or need to entertain a gluten-free, Vegan, Organic or diabetic friend for a meal, My Grocery Master will help make this information available to you in an instant and you won’t have to ask for directions.