There is no better way in my opinion to cool off when camping during the balmy (or in many cases hot and humid) summer weather than to visit a water park. Wild, windblown tresses swishing along as the slide swirls you to the bottom has you surrendering to the giddy giggling fits only brought on by those extra exciting rides and slides at a favorite water park. Yes, this is the ultimate perk of parenthood: the kids are a great excuse to sneak off to YOUR favorite water park with no shame! When in Florida and especially the Orlando area there are quite a few choices when looking to wet your wild and weary crew for a while, but there will be one less option in 2016 at least temporarily– the sad news has been confirmed that Wet N’ Wild water park will be closing for good. But don’t get too sad just yet…

Wet 'N Wild Orlando

Wet ‘N Wild Orlando to close in 2016; Photo Credit: My Fox Orlando

Though the water park is an old favorite in the Orlando area, operating nearly four decades, it is closing the doors in December of 2016. Visitors and fans are encouraged to seek solace from sun and sweltering heat at another park, Universal’s Volcano Bay which is set to debut in 2017. I tend to be loyal to our family favorites, and Wet ‘N Wild will be missed, but I feel like a kid anticipating Christmas morning as I wait to see how this new park will unfold!

Everyone loves a new attraction and I’m sure folks will be lining up to visit the volcano-themed water park in the near future, but the nostalgic side of me still mourns the loss of an old family favorite. When I enter the gates of a family-friendly water park, I’m transported to the place where the twelve-year old that lives within can cut loose again! I will unabashedly admit, I book these parks for ME as much or more than for my family. As a mama that doesn’t tolerate heat well but loves all Florida has to offer, and can’t kick that camping habit we’ve grown to love, while tenting, water parks are of supreme importance for our vacation enjoyment agenda.

Volcano Bay Waterpark Orlando

Universal’s Volcano Bay to debut in 2017; Photo Credit: Universal Orlando


We’ll miss Wet ‘N Wild, yes, but we’re not going to let that stop us from having fun at the new Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay water park next time we’re tempted to evacuate the campground life in search of some waves, water, and wild fun. The volcano that serves as the parks planned namesake and focal point is rumored to have a big platform at the top of its’ smoking top and a water slide that descends from atop those heights. It is also reported to be another of Orlando’s famed “immersive” attractions — slated for family-fun for all ages.