not so scary things to do for halloweenThere’s so much more to Halloween than just candy and costumes. Of course to a small child those are the very best parts of the holiday, but let Traveling Mom give you some other family-friendly ideas for enjoying this spook-tacular time of year.

Ever wanted to sleep in a “supposedly” haunted hotel? Dance the night away with Mickey Mouse?  Or just find the scary and not so scary happenings just around the corner? We’ve got it all for you.

Disney does everything right, and Halloween is no exception. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is the perfect event for characters of all ages. Hosted in both Disneyland in California and DisneyWorld in Florida on special nights in October and November it’s a magical way to enjoy Halloween.

You could check in to a “haunted” hotel and perhaps never check out. Omni Hotels is running the Zomni Hotels sweepstakes, the un-lucky winner will receive a free two night stay in one of their ghost occupied properties.


Looking for some local fun that goes beyond hayrides and pumpkin patches? Traveling Moms has all the scoop.

Try a shivering tunnel tour in Seattle. Special Needs Travel Mom gives you the 411 (um, bring a flashlight) on this fun fall idea for you Pacific Northwestern families.

Get your fright on in the oldest city in America, St. Augustine. Driving Travel Mom gives you all the freaky details on ghost tours and how a ghost was communicating THROUGH HER.

There’s plenty to do in the mid-west. Fair Trade Traveling Mom tells you everything you need to know about having a spooky good time in Chicago and in Indianapolis.

The Disneyland Resort offers Halloween treats and fun for all ages. From seasonal baked goods to spooky attractions, Disneyland and California Adventure have something for everyone from kids to grandma.

Happy Halloween to all of our Traveling Moms and Dads, we hope it’s frightfully fabulous.