Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris tweeted his drinking binge during a family vacation in Mexico. Photo credit: Twitter

Neil Patrick Harris was vacationing with his partner and two children in Mexico’s Costalegre on the private tropical island of Cuixmala, when he thought it would be fun to post photos of him ‘allegedly’ drinking as many margaritas as possible on the last day of his vacation.

Cuixmala is a private tropical hideaway located on the Pacific Ocean.  It is a green travel eco-resort and is still used by the elite, with notable guests including Tom Cruise, George Lucas, and Madonna.

It is highly unlikely photographers would have been able to get photos of Neil’s alleged drinking binge and since Neil was posting the photos over the course of several hours, it is safe to say the photos were most likely staged.

Neil is the parent of two small children,making the joke seem a bit over the top to some parents. What kind of role model would post photos of themselves face down in the ocean or ogling a blender, wondering what is in the drink that makes it so delicious?  While his children are very young, they will grow up and the photos will still be on the internet, as multiple celebrity websites have written about Neil’s drinking binge.

Where Neil Patrick Harris stayed in Mexico

Neil Patrick Harris visited Mexico’s Costalegre on the private tropical island of Cuixmala with his partner and two children. Photo credit: Twitter

Would You Binge Drink if You Were Traveling with Kids?

As a parent, do you think Patrick Harris should have kept this joke to himself and not staged it for his millions of twitter and instagram photos?  Or do you think we shouldn’t take it so seriously and just look at it for what it is – a joke?

With Cuixmala’s beauty and its dedication to preserving the natural environment, something tells me Neil could have made the trip much more memorable for his kids by posting photos of the animals and preserves, rather than his drinking escapades.  Check out the photos of Neil’s drinking binge here.

Photo credit: Twitter