carrotsSnacking is a big part of any road trip.  Depending on how far you go, you need to eat and feed your children.  But you can also use snacks as a break in the monotony and to help with boredom.  The driving portion of a road trip can be just as memorable as the destination.  
I like to give myself a break on vacations.  For me, this isn’t a time to diet or be strict about nutrition.  It is vacation after all.  So I stock up on everyone’s favorite treats.  When the kids get bored I can say ok who wants a treat. 

But I don’t only do sweets.  There is a tendency to nibble all day on road trips.  Because of this, I don’t like to have all sweets and treats.  Sometimes you get bogged down and want something fresh and nutritious.  We also try to pack finger foods that arent messy.  Here are some of my favorite snacking foods.

Put yogurt in the freezer the night before.  Let it thaw as you drive or eat it cold.

I love a package {or two} of sugar snap peas.


Big bag of carrots.

Beef Jerky

Drinks.  Both juice and water.



Treats {cookies candy etc.}

We pack a cooler and keep it handy.  What are your favorite road trip vices?  

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