LintraveldreamDo you ever dream of what you would do if you suddenly had endless wealth, and a family to spend it on? For me, there’s not question it would be used for travel, with the kids.
Last year, during the big mega-lotto thing in the US, my husband in China asked my dad in Texas to buy a ticket. So, we started talking about how we’d spend the money. My answer, and this is the truth: I’d take the kids (and a nanny/tutor) and travel the world doing short-term volunteer work. I wouldn’t have to worry about getting paid and they’d still be able to experience life, ironically, NOT being rich. And the education they’d get WOULD be rich.

I’d probably start in the country we are already familiar with – China, but in more remote areas. I would also definitely go work in schools or orphanages of Nepal, my birth country. I can picture us in a village in Africa, the kids playing happily (okay, or maybe griping too about their beds and the heat), definitely somewhere in South America, one of my yet-to-go-to places. but I can also see time in Europe and various places in my own country, the US.

It might in some ways be a hard life but for a girl with a travel bug that she wants to give her kids, it’d be ideal. Of course there are other things I’d do, like buy the island I’ve always wanted. Doesn’t matter where, I just want one! And pay off the house, maybe buy new one for investment or family and friends who need.
Yes, there are dangers and many considerations, but a girl can dream. Check out other TMOM travel dreams here or find out more about voluntourism. What would you do?

Jenny Lin is raising 3 boys in Beijing while working as a writer/editor. You can follow her @twinlins or keep up with her sporadically updated cross-cultural familial adventures at