In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to honor my daughter, who makes me so proud to be a mother! This week I’m sharing one of my all time favorite moments of motherhood – when we experienced the wonders of the Galapagos Islands together last fall. This was our first day when we went ashore at Mosquera Island, a beautiful sandy beach and a favorite place for Galapagos Sea Lion mothers and their young. This sweet pup was so curious, and really took to my daughter, reaching out as far as he could from the rock to sniff and explore her. She giggled in delight and apprehension, so I joined her and lessened her fears while also teaching her respect for wildlife. With time the sea lion eventually reached across and sniffed my face as my daughter watched, I’ll never forget that salty breath and those prickly wet whiskers! Then my daughter and the pup flirted back and forth for a while allowing for some wonderful photo opportunities, but more importantly, wonderful cherished memories. She chose this shot for me to share for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!