Healthy travel snack and breakfast food.  Honey-Nut is kid approved. My kids are cereal fiends. I, for one, consider that a good thing. Not only will I do almost anything to shave off a few minutes off my morning routine, but their willingness to eat the healthy stuff (no Fruity Pebbles in this house) makes it a no-brainer. It also makes a terrific travel snack. 

 My staples: All Bran (with yogurt bites), Fiber One (honey clusters), Kashi Heart to Heart and good old-fashioned oatmeal (but not the instant variety or you lose many of the nutrients). But my old standbys have some new competition in Mom’s Best Naturals. I’m not exactly sure who this mom is, but I can tell you that she scores big on three counts: taste, nutrition, and (bonus!) price. Each variety is nutritionally sound, save the sugar-laden Mallow-Oats, and most come in family-size boxes yet cost less than other natural and organic cereals. I recently spent a few weeks pouring bowl after bowl of each variety for my little guys and myself and here’s what I found:


Honey Nut Toasty O’s: These little circles were the overwhelming favorite in my house. We all flipped for their sweet taste and I was satisfied, though not exactly bowled over (excuse the pun), by their nutritional facts. Fiber, whole grain and calorie counts are good but the sugar level is a tad high. Most health experts recommend no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving; these have 10.

Toasty O’s: Not as sweet as the honey-nut variety, but still a hit for the taste buds. The sugar count (4 grams per serving) is nice and low, making it a healthy and tasty winner. Fellow mom’s suggestion: Introduce these before the honey-nut variety, sort of like how you offered your six-month-old strained veggies prior to fruits so she didn’t have anything sweet to compare them to.

Toasted Wheat-fuls: My son ate one bowl then passed on seconds (wildly unusual); my daughter stopped after one bite. This cereal is the nutritional champ with 55 grams of whole grain per serving and no sugar, but it’s a chore to get down the hatch. Can’t say I blame them; I didn’t even try them.

Sweetened Wheat-fuls: Both are loyal fans of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats, so this choice wasn’t a big stretch. It got a double nod of approval but didn’t quite beat out Kellogg’s strawberry variety. Or, come to think of it, the maple brown sugar Mini-Wheats.

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