DillardMillI often get questioned on why I am so passionate about not only travel, but about traveling in Missouri. While I love to travel for the excitement, the chaos that comes along from traveling with the kids, and of course the adventure of seeing something new, my passion for travel is driven by making memories. I have found family travel not only brings us together at that very moment, but also brings us together in our memories.

I was recently asked what my favorite family travel memory is. I am sure the person questioning me expected our first beach trip, our vacation to Las Vegas, or something absolutely amazing, but my modest response was Dillard Mill State Historic Site in Davisville, MO. I know folks; you are now scratching your head and saying WHAT.

Months after my darling Dillard entered this world, only to bring mass chaos to house, I discovered this historic site just a few hours from our house. Dillard Mill State Historic Site, of course I knew he was much too young at that time to appreciate it, and was probably much too young to truly appreciate it when we visited, never the less for Dillard’s 3rd birthday he saw the landmark that shared his name.

I could go on and on about how beautiful Dillard Mill Historic Site is, or you can click here to see my photos, but the beauty compares nothing to the memory. To see young Dillard proudly boasting that this massive structure loaded full of history had his name was more than this Momma could stand. I remember wiping more than one tear from my eye, and still get a few tears when I flip through our beautiful pictures from that day. Dillard often tell people that Dillard Mill Historic Site belongs to him, because it has his name.


I know your sighing thinking I cannot find a place that shares the name of my child, well no maybe not….we cannot find one for our daughter either. It was not the name that made the connection, it was the memory, it was the excitement, it that the trip was all about Dillard. Kids do not care if you are traveling to the nicest hotel in the world or down the street to the snack shack, they care that you are taking time travel with them.  

We live in a very busy world, and time flies faster than we can think, but for our family traveling, rather local, faraway, expensive, or free it is about the family connection. Taking time to appreciate where we are, what we are doing, but to also appreciate each other.

Often that appreciation comes in giggles, funny stories, and pictures that we shall share for the rest of our lives, but all in the end a simple family trip is PRICELESS.

Have an Adventurous Day

~Becky Davenport

Becky is the Missouri Traveling Mom, her blog site is Adventures Among Us. She not only shares a unique passion for traveling with her family, but traveling in Missouri. For more of Becky’s adventures find her on facebook Adventures Among Us, or follow her on Twitter @BeckyAdventure.