Growing up in southern California, my earliest travel memories were trips to Disneyland – where I could brave the wildlife of the Jungle Cruise, race through the Alps on Matterhorn bobsleds, and learn about our planet’s cultures in It’s A Small World. When I began traveling, I remember relating everything back to something at Disneyland. Then at some point, my travels abroad outnumbered my trips to Disneyland, and I was seeing and experiencing things out in the real world without having been introduced first by Disney. Eventually, as a parent, my travels brought me to Walt Disney World in Florida, and Epcot. Here the tables turned – I’d actually travelled to places before I saw the Disney version, and I could say to my kid “wow, Disney did a great job of re-creating a slice of Marrakech”! If not for the white clouds, this photo could easily slip into the Morocco album!