Odds are, if you have a toddler and a TV, you have watched an episode or two of the Disney Junior series “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, where Mickey and his circle of friends hang out at the clubhouse working on different projects and adventures each day.

Before a single episode is up, you’ll probably join the gang in calling out, ‘Oh, Tootle’ when you need a special tool, and you’ll be up dancing when it’s time for the Hot Dog Dance.  That’s right, the Hot Dog Dance.

It’s always played at the end of each episode and you really can’t resist getting up and dancing with your little one every time it plays.  After all, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and all the rest of the gang get up and dances in their own unique style.  I’ve watched it countless times and studied each step.  So, imagine how fun it would be to have Minnie teach us the dance steps one on one, which is exactly what happened when we met at a recent event.  All we had to do was mention the ‘Hot Dog Dance’ and Minnie started in with the how-to.  I only wished my little one was with me to learn from Minnie, too. Take a look!