As a travel blogger, I review a LOT of hotels. With every stay it gets harder and harder to impress me. So it means a lot when I say I was blown away by the subtly luxurious service at Las Alcobas Hotel in Mexico City- from before we checked in to the moment we left, the hotel went above and beyond. While it’s not right for every family, Las Alcobas is one of the few hotels I would go out of my way to revisit.

Las Alcobas

Las Alcobas, Mexico City

My positive experience with Las Alcobas Hotel in Mexico City began as my eight year old daughter and I pulled up to the hotel. The bellman took our bags from the cab and I didn’t see them again until we got to our room. Reading the name from our bags (I assume), the bellman also alerted the front desk staff of our arrival and our check-in packet was prepared before I even entered the building.

After being greeted by name no fewer than five times, we were checked in with lightning speed and whisked to our room, freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade in hand. Our “room butler” took at least ten minutes showing us the various features of our room including the state of the art bedside panel that controlled all of the room functions including curtains, lighting, and media. We selected our “scent profile” for the weekend and then-and this was a new one for me- he brought out a lavender bath salt sachet and drew us a bath!
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What Works for Families

  • The hotel only has 35 rooms- so every guest feels as if they’re visiting a very rich relative’s home. With the smaller size comes an exceptionally large staff: we never waited more than five minutes for anything!
  • The concerige staff was more than happy to make recommendations about kid-friendly activities and helped me plan a day in the Coyocan neighborhood that was absolutely wonderful.
  • The Polanco neighborhood in which Las Alcobas is located is easily walkable- even at night- and felt completely safe.  If anything, it was a little sterile for my taste with American chains such as California Pizza Kitchen and Sephora. However, hidden in between the big stores were little groceries and bakeries to delight.
  • The generous – and complimentary- minibar. Yes, you read that right: while alcohol was extra (and reasonably priced even so) sodas, snacks, and candy were included with the room.
  • The Room Service menu came straight from the Anatol restaurant downstairs and was identically priced (besides an 18% service charge). The macaroni and cheese with truffle oil we ordered could have easily fed us both!

What Doesn’t Work for Families

  • Las Alcobas “self-edits” out families with infants or toddlers as they don’t offer cribs. The minimum age child I would bring to Las Alcobas is eight or so.
  • In our family we have “hotel manners” and “five star hotel manners”.  I’ve now added “Las Alcobas manners” as a level above even five star.  With the small hotel size and elite feel, your kids have to be comfortable knowing when to keep the crazy down to a dull roar.  My Girl did great as we were on a Mother-Daughter “Girlfriend’s getaway” but I’m not sure if I would bring any kids who need to keep moving all the time.
  • In the same vein, the Las Alcobas Hotel is a downtown city hotel and has no pool. The small gym is only for adults.

Las Alcobas is definitely a luxury hotel and is priced accordingly- for Mexico City. Rooms in September 2015 started around $250.  That said, an equal level of service in the USA or Europe would be priced much higher. The hotel is a member of Starwood Preferred Guest’s loyalty program and a redemption at 12-16,000 points a night (with the 5th night free) could be a solid value.


The Rooms

The decor of Las Alcobas is sleek and calming- as are the rooms. Our two queen room would have easily slept four. Everything from the bedding to the robes was subtly luxurious- not ostentatious, just perfectly comfortable. Our favorite features by far were in the bathroom. Not only did we have the aforementioned handmade soap, not only did we have bulter-drawn Jacuzzi baths, we also had a shower with six heads along the walls AND a rainforest shower up top! I’ve never seen a shower like it. My daughter spent over an hour in the bath making up a tune. The lyrics? “I’m a Princess of Auradon…” Once I tried that bathtub I got it!

As I mentioned before, we received a ten minute tutorial upon entering the room.  Even that was not enough to completely master the state of the art system controlling every part of the room’s environment. I never did figure out how to turn on each individual light! It didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the room, but techno-phobes be aware.

The Amenities

The selection of handmade soaps from which you are invited to select your two favorites. Photo by Las Alcobas.

The selection of handmade soaps from which you are invited to select your two favorites. Photo by Las Alcobas.

In a word: wow. From the scrumptious cookies at checkin to the Dia de Los Muertos themed chocolates at turndown we were spoiled every moment of our stay. While the hotel lacks a pool or large gym, we never missed them as every moment in the room felt luxurious. Why would we want to leave?

Especially appreciated: a morning “despierta” (wake up) with coffee or fresh squeezed juice so you don’t have to leave the room until everyone is ready for breakfast. Ours came within five minutes both days we requested it.


Las Alcobas has two restaurants on site in addition to the private breakfast room. The management mentioned that movie stars often stay at the hotel and they appreciate the privacy. We aren’t famous, but we did, too! Breakfast is a choice of Mexican specialties such as sopes or more classic fare. I didn’t try anything I didn’t want again.

Of the two on-site restaurants, Anatol was the one recommended for kids as they have more flexibility with the menu. Anatol featured what I’d call “dressed up familiar” items such as macaroni and cheese with truffle oil and a flatbread pizza topped with bone marrow. The names were familiar enough to please my daughter while I appreciated the adventurous ingredients. We both devoured our meals and still had leftovers- and I had ordered the small pizza. If your kid is in the nuggets/pizza phase I’d definitely stick to Anatol and be prepared to share – portions are large!

Sampling the sweets at Dulce Patria. Photo by Dia Adams

Sampling the sweets at Dulce Patria. Photo by Dia Adams

The fancier restaurant, Dulce Patria was a little more challenging for my daughter and I but we still really enjoyed our empenadas and tamales there. It’s definitely got a more sophisticated vibe with red lighting and a tasting menu. We dressed up for our meal at Dulce Patria and ordered mocktails (OK, maybe mine was real) to make a celebration out of it. Our favorite part: the complimentary sweets at the end of the meal. The waiters noticed my daughter loved the marzipan and promptly made up a huge box of them for her to take home, in true Las Alcobas style.

I know Las Alcobas is not right for everyone. It’s definitely not right for young children. But if you have a special event – or a special kid – a stay at Las Alcobas might be just the getaway you seek.

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