RockyMtnPopcornCoWhether enjoying your family vacation or kicking back at home, a healthy snack for kids is important, and the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company takes the family favorite popcorn and gives it more flavor. Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company also features several flavors: White Cheddar, Caramel (Traveling Grandmom’s Favorite!), Kettle Corn, and Jalapeno (definitely a kick).

My granddaughter was scrounging our house for a snack as we were preparing for a family road trip I ticked through the list: apple, banana, yogurt, even chips, and it wasn’t until I suggested popcorn that I finally was rewarded with a big smile. Turns out popcorn happens to be one of their favorite snacks, especially Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company’s Butter Flavor. The company’s newest flavor is Cinnamon Sugar. On our recent Colorado road trip, this Traveling Grandmom felt better offering them a ready-to-eat healthy travel snack from a local Colorado company.

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company has been in business for 20-years eastern foothills of the great Rocky Mountains near Denver. Not only do they offer an tasty healthy snack distributed nationwide to grocery stores, natural food, drug, convenience and warehouse clubs, but the Colorado company also engages in numerous community events and organizations about healthy lifestyle choices. Their monthly calendar includes donations and sponsorships to charitable organizations, such as Children’s Miracle Network, marathons and non-profits.

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Photo © Diana Rowe

Samples were provided courtesy of Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company.