Jane CondonJane Condon is a wife and mom of two grown sons who balances her life by getting lots of great material for her stand-up routines from her family, as well as her hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut.

“I often open by saying, ‘I live in Greenwich, but I’m still a nice person,’ says Condon.  “Seriously though – I grew up in a blue-collar town in Massachusetts so this well-off town of Greenwich was a bit of a switch for me. I like to say, ‘Going away where I come from, means jail. Going away in Greenwich means rehab!’”


Condon now tours the United States, performing at functions ranging from large charity fundraisers to national television.  The Wall Street Journal calls Condon “a rarity” whose material “never needs to be laundered,” while the Associated Press refers to her as “an upper-crust Roseanne.”

In 2007, Condon was named Audience Favorite—New York on NBC’s hit show Last Comic Standing.  She also won the Ladies of Laughter Competition in 2004, and was named one of Back Stage Magazine’s 10 Comedy Best Bets in 2001.  Additionally, Condon has appeared on Lifetime’s “Girls’ Night Out” and ABC’s “The View.”

In her interview with TravelingMom.com, Condon talks about her packed travel schedule and a few favorite moments during her career as a comedian/mother. 

TMOM: What do you consider your comedic niche?

Jane CondonJANE CONDON: Well, a comedian friend once said to me, “You don’t seem like a club comic.” I wanted to say, “No, I’m a country club comic.” I do fundraisers, churches, temples, birthday parties, women’s groups. The comedy clubs are more for young, single and dating people.

TMOM: And what do you like to talk about?

JANE CONDON: My boys, my husband, current events. I also rap. Not by choice. My kids did this to me. They like the rap music. I’m there, “Guys, we live in Greenwich, CT. How ghetto can you and your J.Crew shirts get?”

TMOM: You rap?

JANE CONDON: I (sadly) know the rap songs because they play them in the house, in the car.  Everywhere. Actually I hate all the rappers, except for one–I do like Fifty Cent. Gotta love Fiddy! And yes, I know he’s a gangsta rapper. I know he got shot nine times in the head. But he’s still a good boy. I think he’s just hangin’ out with the wrong people.

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