Jane CondonTMOM: Tell me about your sons.

JANE CONDON: Well, my two boys are out and about in the world now.  One is in college and the other already graduated.

TMOM: Was it a challenge, when they were younger, to be a comedian and a mom?

JANE CONDON: I think it’s a challenge to be a working mom no matter what your job.


TMOM: How did having kids affect your career?

JANE CONDON: I’m pretty pleased with the way my career has developed.  I mean, I came up with some comics who are really “big time” now, and I haven’t achieved that kind of fame yet.  But being a mom, I couldn’t be out there every night working the circuit.  Not that my kids held me back – on the contrary, they’re a fabulous source of material.  As is my husband and the community of Greenwich.

Jane CondonTMOM: Do you think your career would have been bigger if you hadn’t decided to become a mom?

JANE CONDON: I think I would have been more successful more quickly. However, I also strongly believe that we moms can have it all. We just can’t have it all at the same time. (Well, most of us can’t anyway.) And think about it. Who’s going to be at your bed side when you’re dying? The audience who saw you on an HBO special? Or your husband and kids? (At least, I think they’ll come.) And my boys already have strict instructions about my funeral. At some point, they have to get everyone up on their feet for a few seconds to give mommy one last standing ovation!

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