spaRecently I had some time away and a gift certificate to the Bellevue Collection, so I decided to indulge in a treatment at Truce Spa in Bellevue, Washington.  I reviewed their menu of services; so many great options, then gave them a call.  They told me that the “Tropical Escape Massage” was their most popular, but I guess I must have been feeling adventurous, because I decided on Ashiatsu Bar Therapy.Ashiatsu Bar Therapy is a deep compression massage, where the therapist holds on to a bar in the ceiling and uses their feet and body weight to work out kinks and knots to instill deep muscle relaxation.

I arrived at the spa, got changed and was escorted to my room.  It was peaceful and relaxing.  The therapist asked some questions, then left while I got situated.  It was this point that I asked myself why I chose this type of massage; why would I want someone using their feet to massage my body?  Is it too late to change my mind? Just then the therapist knocked, came in and got started.  I was committed.  As it turned out, it was really an amazing massage technique.  Because the therapist was directly over me, the deep compression was really effective.  I started to drift into relaxation and began to fall asleep.

“Uh-oh,” the therapists’ words awakened me.

“Is everything OK?” I asked.  


“Um, the bar just came out of the ceiling,” she replied, “This has never happened before.”

What?  I felt a little vulnerable on the massage table with all of this going on over my head, and asked if everything was OK and if there was something that I should do.  She said that she had it secured, sincerely apologized, then got off the table and continued with a traditional massage for an extended treatment.  That worked for me!

When the massage ended, the therapist apologized again and gave me a gift card for a future visit.  Although it didn’t go as expected, Truce Spa took care of an awkward situation and turned it into a great visit.  I walked out relaxed and happy, laughing to myself about what had happened.  From what I experienced the Ashiatsu Bar Therapy was fabulous, but maybe next time I’ll try the Tropical Escape Massage instead.