skatingatmohonk_copyFamily travel is taking a big hit because the economy is so bad.  Yes, inexpensive family vacations can be fun, but if you are not working, are you really entitled to a vacation?  How can you take time off for a family trip if all you have is time?

This is where luxury family resorts are left behind and family trips become trips to see the grandparents (and stay with them, for free!) or to your old college buddy, who still owes you for that time she puked in your pocketbook.  Isn’t her oldest kid in college now?  His bedroom is available and you can all hunker down there.

Sure, staying at one of those all-inclusive family resorts in the Caribbean would be fun, but then the children go to a kid’s program, the teens find other teens and a computer and the adults start cocktail hour at noon.  Everyone has a great time, but isn’t family togetherness what you are after?

Since we don’t have a car, we make most of our family trips by air.  Flying with kids has its down sides – when they are young and squirmy, they don’t want to be confined to a seat, but then, they don’t want to be strapped in a car seat, either.  My kids got car sick, air sick, train sick – about the only thing they didn’t get was stroller sick, but still they were, and remain, intrepid travelers.

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