It is easy to hate going through airport security – and even easier to hate the airport security personnel just doing their jobs. A recent trip through airport security reminded me why the people who work there are so important. Hopefully my experience will cause you to think twice before going off an airport security officer.

My Trip Through Airport Security

Things to remember when going through airport security

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Last week I flew to Anaheim, CA for Disneyland’s World of Color VIP media premiere (it totally ROCKED, but more on that later).  While taking my carry-on luggage through airport security I got escorted to the side for a bag check.

The security gentleman said in a scary, no-nonsense tone: “Ok, miss, do you want to show me where the knife is?”  My heart stopped.

And then I remembered that I had recently put my Swiss Army Knife (which usually stays in the diaper bag) in my purse when we went to the the park, so I could cut up apples for a snack.  I blushed deeply and said “Oh my goodness it’s my Swiss Army knife and it’s in this pocket – I completely forgot to take it out.”  He looked at my sternly.  I continued: “I’m so sorry for the trouble.  I usually don’t keep it in this purse.”  His look softened a little.

While he fished it out I told him how I always make sure to leave it behind because it’s a keepsake from when my husband and I spent our first year of marriage in Switzerland.  I reiterated how awful I felt for accidentally bringing it through security and causing him hassle.  He smiled a little and said it was no hassle, just part of his job. I thanked him for what he was doing, keeping everyone safe.  He told me I could go into a nearby shop, purchase a mailer & stamps and then he would help me send the knife back home to myself.  We shook hands amicably.

Remember the airport security personnel are people too

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The whole experience taught me a few things about Airport Security. Here are some tips to get you through easily.

1 – They get a lot of grief from grumpy travelers, all because they are simply doing their job.
2 – They are not trying to make our lives hard – just safe.
3 – Their rules really aren’t that difficult to follow, and they exist for very good reasons.
4 – A little kindness & appreciation goes a LONG way.