money2Free is good, right? Especially when it comes to travel, most of us try to save as much money as we can. That’s why the book How to Travel for Free (or pretty damn near it!) recently caught my eye.The book is written by self-professed “global nomads” Shelley R. Seale and Keith Hajovsky, who have traveled many parts of the world and themselves used many of the websites and other resources that provide tips on how to save on airfare, how to travel cheaply, and other information.

The book is divided into three sections: Transportation, Accommodations and Creative Ways to Travel.

How to Save on Transportation
The Transportation section discusses modes of transportation that you’d expect (planes, trains, cars, etc.) and some that you might not immediately think of (bicycles, walking, etc.). Most of the categories include personal or second-hand experiences of the authors, as well as tips and warnings and even some checklists.


Free or Nearly Free Accommodations
Accommodations examines hotels, farm stays, monastery and convent stays, hostels and other places to rest. Many frequent travelers will be familiar with some of the advice on how to stay at a hotel for free or significantly discounted rates (such as by using hotel points from a loyalty card), but the information and personal experiences on home exchanges and house swapping is valuable for those who might never considered it.


Creative Ways to Travel
Even family travelers can get in on some of the creative ways to travel listed in the book. Working and teaching abroad, volunteering, and taking a sabbatical can all be ways to make domestic or overseas travel possible. Specific tips, resources and personal anecdotes in this section illustrate relevant examples and bring the topic home. In addition, sidebars are included with resources such as websites where you can find more information on a specific topic.

Overall Review
The advice in this book is sincere and allows readers to make up their own minds on which option suits them the best. The authors are seasoned travelers who use their personal research and experience to illustrate each point in the book in a friendly and accessible manner.

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