Finding a hotel that meets everyone’s needs and wants can be nearly impossible, but what is harder is finding that kind of hotel on a budget.  Stoney Creek Hotel not only has everything a family would need, but the hotel has it in a beautiful way.


Lake behind Stoney Creek Hotel.  Photo Credit: Budget Travel Mom Becky Davenport

Stoney Creek Hotel in Independence, Missouri is an upscale hotel with amenities to fit every family’s needs. Beautifully decorated, but the hotel adds in special touches that makes you feel right at home.

The property is located outside of the downtown of Independence, Missouri, giving you that feeling of being “out of town” but still conveniently located to the attractions of the town.

What Works for Families

Family first, luxury second or that is how it felt as I entered Stoney Creek Hotel. The hotel feels like an elegant lodge, but has the amenities to fit any family’s needs.TMOM Travel Disclosure

Breakfast with a view! And it’s complimentary too. Stoney Creek has a lovely patio for you to sit and chat with your family as you enjoy your meal.

The hotel is connected to a lovely walking trail that takes you either to the park or to Bass Pro Shop, giving your family a place to run.

Bunk Beds! Yes, I just said the hotel has bunk beds that makes your stay a little extra special.

What Doesn’t Work for Families

I really didn’t find anything that didn’t work for families. The only thing that I didn’t like was the adorable fluffy horse perfectly situated on my bed. On the horse was a tag that said you can take me home for $. As a mom living on a budget, I have always tried to steer clear of souvenir shops and such, but having them being in our room made it even harder to say no.

The Details

Stoney Creek Hotel is located at 18011 Bass Pro Drive in Independence, Missouri. The hotel sits almost secluded from the downtown attractions and shopping areas, but is still a short drive from anywhere you would want to go.

The Hotel

Photo Credit: Budget Travel Mom Becky Davenport

Stoney Creek Hotel in Independence, Missouri  – Photo Credit: Budget Travel Mom Becky Davenport

Stoney Creek Hotel caught me by surprise. As I walked across the hotel with my twelve year old and eight year old, I became a bit nervous. I love an upscale hotel, especially one with luxurious view, but with kids I often skip my wants and settle for our needs.

The hotel is designed to look like an expensive lodge – very rustic looking, but a glamorous rustic. As my eight year old described it, “Mom, it looks like we are in Alaska.”  Maybe so, but without the cold temperatures.

The Rooms

When your room is so nice that your kids never want to leave, you know you have found the right hotel.  The rustic feel followed into our room – big log beds, plaid everywhere, and leather couches and chairs. It was the kind of stuff you would think you find in a man cave, but it worked elegantly in our room.

Our favorite part of our room was that no one had to share a bed. When I received our reservations it said two beds. Little did I know two beds meant the kids’ bed would be bunk beds.  The bunk beds meant Momma got a good night’s sleep as she didn’t have to share the bed with a wild child sleeper!

Our room was spacious – lots of room for the kids to toss everything from their suitcase onto the floor. After all the maid left a note stating, “Make yourself at home,” so the kids did.


The best amenity that I found at Stoney Creek Hotels was the hotel is family oriented, more than most luxury hotels.

Photo Credit: Budget Travel Mom Becky Davenport

Stoney Creek Hotel, Independence Missouri – Photo Credit: Budget Travel Mom Becky Davenport



The complimentary hot breakfast is more than a sloppy waffle maker with some sugary pancake syrup. It is a real breakfast, they even had bacon.

The pool is more than just a small pool with unruly kids. It was a water attraction with plenty of towels and room for the kids to really play.

The hotel has Wi-Fi, but not expensive Wi-Fi like most city hotels – free Wi-Fi that actually worked.

Parking was free, but not limited. There was plenty of parking close to the hotel, no juggling bags with hopes that my bra wouldn’t land in the middle of the parking lot.

The beds are more than just fancy sheets on a hard mattress. They are so comfy that you just want to lie there all day, but know you have to get up and go do stuff.

Our favorite amenity is the walking trail that is connected to the hotel. Our morning walks gave us time to reflect on our trip and spend quality time as a family.

To Sum It Up

Folks often ask me would I stay there again. This time, the answer is easy. Yes I would! I looked at Stoney Creek Hotel’s website to see how many other locations they have, and I would stay at any of them. I was well-pleased with the amenities, the service, and the bunk beds just put it over the top.