veggie pizzaVisiting the relatives is a time-honored tradition. For us, it can mean a  trip to Florida to visit Mema (my mom). It becomes my job to find activities that keep everyone engaged and interacting, from the 11-year-old to the 60-something-year-old. There’s one activity that never misses: cooking. We all love to eat. We all like to cook. And Mema doesn’t mind cleaning up, which works really well for the rest of us.

What to cook? Pizza. It’s one thing we can agree on. As long as the pizza includes healthy toppings, I’m happy with that choice too. Scouring the farmers’ market and grocery for the freshest, locally grown vegetables gives us an excuse for a family outing.

When we get home from shopping, we all gather around the kitchen table with an assigned job, from kneading the dough (great for little energetic ones) to grating the cheese and chopping the vegetables. Then we pop it in the oven, wait 20 minutes and — voila! — healthy, homemade pizza and lasting family memories.



Tasting Tip

If you want your kids to love the produce section, send them on a hunt for the oddest fruit or vegetable they can find. Each kid gets to pick one to buy and try. When you get home, everyone is required to try it. If you’re really into the education piece of this, you can send them online to research their new discovery. But when I’m on vacation, I think it’s enough to oversee a taste test and leave the research for another day.

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