Holly Robinson Peet

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Holly Robinson Peete is no stranger to family travel. I recently talked to the actress about her daughter traveling with the People to People Ambassador Program, her favorite family vacation and her five must have items when traveling with her family.

People to People Ambassador Program

The People to People Ambassador Program has a new culinary program for students who are in 7th – 12th grade. The program begins in Paris with classes at the world famous Cordon Bleu cooking school, shopping at local French open air markets along with stops at iconic destinations such as Versailles, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. From Paris, students travel south to the Mediterranean coast for delicacies of Provence, and a cooking lesson with renowned Chef Christophe Guibert former head chef of the Michelin starred restaurant Leperouse.

In Italy, students will be immersed in the best Italian cuisine. The day starts early in Florence with shopping at the San Lorenzo produce and seafood market where students will pick the fresh ingredients they will be cooking later that day in class with Italian cooking experts. The delegation will then head south to the ancient city of Rome for more time in the kitchen with recognized chef Giovanni Giammarino.

Holly Robinson Peete’s Global Travels


Photo credit: Shari Von Holten / Celebrity TravelingMom

Holly says she has been interested in traveling since she has been a teenager, attending a summer program in Switzerland at 16 and going to Paris her junior year of college. Both experiences helped her to understood how important global travel is for young people. Her love of travel as a teen is what brought her to the People to People Ambassador Program. With four children of her own, Holly is supportive of her children traveling solo but, of course, wants to ensure their safety.

The safety of the children traveling is a major focus for the People to People program. A low student to teacher ratio, with one teacher for every ten students maximum, a dedicated health and safety officer, with all of the hotels and meals scrutinized through the health and safety officer and all students screened prior to their acceptance into the program are several pre-cautionary steps that are part of the program.


Photo courtesy of Holly Robinson Peete

Holly’s daughter will be traveling with the People to People Ambassador program. Both Holly and her daughter are happy with the way the program introduces both the parent and child to the travel experience. The opportunity to meet the organization and its leaders, as well as the parents, and the teachers, has allowed Holly to feel comfortable with sending her teen to Paris and Italy without her. The organization leads up to the trip, giving both the children and the parent a great sense of nurturing.

Peete Family Travel

During my interview, Holly spoke about traveling with her family as well. She said her favorite family vacation was in 2007 when the Peete family went to South Africa, where she and her family went on a safari and enjoyed the African experience. Something the Peete family has started recently has been taking the train. They will be going to a wedding in Seattle over the summer and will even sleep on the train.

Holly Robinson Peet’s Must-Have Travel Items

So what does Holly take with her when traveling? Her must-have items when traveling with her family include: the Travel John Jr., a portable potty for road trips; sunscreen, moisturizer and socks for the airplane; face moisturizer; and a Kindle, so she can read magazines and books.