TMOM: How about vacations?

 I’m all about being snuggly and comfortable.

HANNAH STORM: I love Martha’s Vineyard because I can drive there. My life’s fantasy is to have my own plane. I’m not a materialistic person, but my serious fantasy is to fly privately more often because it’s so easy with kids. We went to Notre Dame to host a big capital campaign for them, because that’s my alma mater. They sent a plane and I brought the family. And it was like, I am now in a different world of travel. So the next time we flew, in coach seats, they pleaded, “Mommy, can we go on that small plane?” And I said “Oh, mommy wishes we were on that small plane too!”

TMOM: Is there anything special you do to stay connected to your kids when you’re not traveling with them?


 HANNAH STORM: When I was at Super Bowl in Phoenix, my oldest daughter was emailing me the whole time. I was sending her emails about touchdowns, the game, and I thought that was so cool ‘cause a lot of times you’re in loud places like stadiums, or you can’t get a good signal on your cell phone. I love that they’re old enough to email and text. We also do Skype sometimes, that’s fun.

 TMOM: What’s your must-pack item?

 HANNAH STORM: My feet have to be warm. I always travel with fuzzy socks or thick workout socks. It’s funny, I don’t wear a lot on the rest of me, but my feet have to be warm. And I have to have moisturizer. I’m also a notorious water drinker, and I’m getting it confiscated constantly because I always forget to take it out of my bag before we go through security.

 TMOM: What about for your kids? Must-pack items for the kids?

 HANNAH STORM: We’re a big PJ family. They’ve always got way more PJs than they need, but I’m fixated on sleepwear, I don’t know why. I’m all about being snuggly and comfortable.

 TMOM: Have you ever arrived somewhere and thought, I can’t believe I forgot….

HANNAH STORM: When I went to the Super Bowl, I couldn’t find my underwear! I usually pack that kind of stuff in a big, Ziploc bag, and for some reason it was in a black, nylon thing, zipped up. It was all the crucial things – bras, underwear – and I couldn’t find it in the bottom of my black suitcase.

TMOM: Do you have a favorite use for Ziploc bags?

 HANNAH STORM: My new trick is the big, oversized Ziploc bags. Each kid gets their own Ziploc bag. So I do it too now. Dirty clothes, shampoo – its great for all sorts of stuff!

Liz Warren-Pederson is a writer living in Arizona. She seconds the need to have warm feet on the plane.