Writer Guidelines

Below are the guidelines we share with all TMOM Writer Network and guest writers, designed to ensure all posts are appropriate:

  • Rating/reviewing: As a TMOM Network writer, you will have the opportunity to review products and destinations. Be honest and professional. Criticism is fine as long as it’s factual, accurate and constructive. Rants and disparaging comments are not welcome. Snarky and disparaging blogs get some press, but we don’t want traffic at the expense of others.
  • Be respectful: Even when commentators post irritating replies to your posts. Comments that are over the top, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate will be removed.
  • No profanity: Avoid vulgar and uncivil language. It will not be tolerated.
  • In your name: You must author all posts. You may not create an alias or pseudonym to use in comments or to argue with others who comment on your blog.
  • Use links: If you write about a place, person, company or product that has a website, link to it in the text.
  • Develop your own voice: We expect consistently strong – even provocative – but always professional writing.
  • Be clear: Write clearly and simply.
  • Proofread: Read, re-read and spellcheck before posting.
  • Be professional: As long as you are a writer on the TravelingMom Web site, you represent the TravelingMom brand. We expect you to write and comport yourself professionally whenever you write, speak or appear under the TravelingMom Writer Network banner.
  • Letters of assignment: A letter of assignment is required before seeking a product or trip in the name of TravelingMom.com.