Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom Founder

Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom Founder

To tour or not to tour? That is a questions all travelers must ask themselves. For some, roughing it, finding their own way and taking the detours of life is the only true path of a traveler.

For others, including those of us who are moms traveling with kids, sometimes it’s nice to leave the planning to someone else and sign on to take one of the many group tours for families.

I learned this when my teen daughter and I took our first-ever travel tour, an Adventures by Disney tour of the American West. Handing over my bags, transportation details and activity planning was an odd but very freeing feeling.

Before that trip, I would have told you my family and I were not group travel tour kinds of people.  But I liked handing over the many administrative duties to someone else and I enjoyed the inside information the guides provided.  My daughter liked the resort, the hilarious tour guide and some of the food, but she did not liked being lumped in with all the kids, who were generally five years younger than her, for activities. viator-ambassador-250The only part I didn’t love was being on someone else’s schedule, even though said schedule made it possible for us to do and see so much in a short time.

At TravelingMom, we know that families travel in all sorts of ways. So we have signed on to be Viator Ambassadors. We will take as many of the Viator Tours as we can and report back to you with all of the details (like how many bathroom stops?), what works for families, what doesn’t and what you need to know before you book a Viator tour.

Carissa Rogers kicked things off with a Viator family tour in Oahu. Watch for more stories coming soon on TravelingMom!