In the past year I would say learning to be frugal is an understatement, but just because I have to be frugal does not mean I have to cut myself short on fun.   Motherhood is tough, not it is not just tough it is exhausting and every mom needs a break and there is nothing wrong with cutting yourself some slack and having a Girls Night Out.

A few weeks back an old friend of mine text me and asked me if I wanted to cut loose and have some fun, my exact reply back was “I have a $10 budget”.  We giggled that we felt like teenagers on an allowance again, we also discovered there are lots of fun things you can do in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for less than $10.

Isle of Capri Casino – One of my favorite places to go when I have a small budget.  The Isle of Capri Casino often has a free band, we hit the penny slot machines, and like most casinos cokes, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages are FREE.  If your luck is running right, which mine rarely is, you can make money off the $10 that you take to the casino.

Cup N Cork  – I love to kick back with my friends and enjoy a good bottle of wine, while $10 will rarely buy a bottle of wine, we put our $10 together and have some wine time.  Cup N Cork in Downtown Cape Girardeau has the perfect atmosphere for a girls night out