Gina Norman travels often with her baby daughter to teach yoga. 

TMOM: Extra curriculars aside, this was a work trip for you, correct?

GINA NORMAN: That’s right.  I was conducting yoga classes there.

TMOM: Where was your daughter while you were working?


TMOM: She was with my husband who is also a yoga instructor.

TMOM: Was it hard to concentrate on work knowing that she was around but that you couldn’t be with her?

GINA NORMAN: Focus wasn’t really the problem.  The hard thing was trying to cram it all in – my morning classes, my afternoon workshops, her feedings, and just spending all available free time with her and Stan.  I didn’t have much time to myself, in other words.  But that was fine – this was a family trip.  I’d done this trip plenty of times on my own, so the change was welcome.  And the folks down there really got a kick out of the baby.

TMOM: She was popular, was she?

GINA NORMAN: Extremely popular!  Every time I turned around someone else was holding her.

TMOM: What other yoga locations are on the horizon for you?

GINA NORMAN: I’m going to Costa Rica next year,

TMOM: Will you bring the baby?

GINA NORMAN: Definitely.

TMOM: Are you worried about malaria or anything like that?

GINA NORMAN:  Not really.  You just need to be sensible.  Use the bug spray and mosquito net.  Make sure she’s wearing long sleeves and socks at night even when it’s hot.  Stuff like that.

TMOM: What’s your personal must-pack item?

GINA NORMAN: Hmm.  It’s a toss up between my sunglasses and my yoga gear.

TMOM: What exactly is your yoga gear?

GINA NORMAN: Just a pair of yoga pants and a tank top.  And maybe a sarong.  Oh, and my other must-pack item is a book.  For those rare moments of free time.

TMOM: What are you reading now?

GINA NORMAN: “A Perfect Health” – it’s a yoga book.

TMOM: So it’s more studying then reading for pleasure?

GINA NORMAN: It’s both.  That’s the great thing about loving what you do.  In all seriousness, though, I try to stay up on the latest yoga developments so that I can be of better use to my clients.

TMOM: What’s the hardest thing about the frequent traveling?

GINA NORMAN: For me, it’s the fact that you’re always off your schedule.  That’s particularly hard when it comes to an infant.  But you know, I’ve found you just have to let it go.

TMOM: How many flights has your daughter been on in her young life?

GINA NORMAN: Gosh.  At least fourteen.  She’s really a good traveler, luckily.

TMOM: Do you practice yoga on the plane?

GINA NORMAN: On the plane, in the airport – wherever I can.  Moms who travel – especially those who are carrying their heavy babies around – should take every opportunity to stretch the lower back and shoulders, even if they’re just doing some basic stretches in a chair.  Every little bit of yoga makes a difference.

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Gina Norman is the owner of Greenwich Yoga in Greenwich, CT with her husband Stan Woodman. She holds teacher training certificates from Beyoga (currently YogaWorks) and Om Yoga Center, where she was part of their teacher training staff. Her fascination with mind-body work and its essential connection to overall health and happiness led her to study Thai massage in Thailand, Vipassana meditation in India