Gina Norman enjoys a break from teaching yoga in Maho Bay. 

TMOM: What kinds of activities were there for you guys at Maho Bay?

GINA NORMAN: The beach is definitely the main attraction.  Lots of water-related activities.  We were particularly interested in sailing.

TMOM: Did you take the baby with you when you went sailing?


TMOM: Did she get sick?

GINA NORMAN: No, she fell asleep, actually.  Guess it was like being rocked. 

TMOM: It was a peaceful sail, then?

GINA NORMAN: Actually no.  My friend who took us out basically has a pirate boat – it’s pretty rustic.  He forgot to tell us to stay on the high side of the boat, so things got a little rough.  At one point, I was sitting on the deck enjoying the scene and then all of a sudden I’m sliding down and hanging half in and half out of the boat.  I had to sort of climb back up.  Luckily I didn’t have the baby in my lap just then.

TMOM: So would you go sailing in Maho Bay again?

GINA NORMAN: Well sure, now that we know which side of the boat to stay on!

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