Warren Miller family film event starts ski seasonNothing gets you pumped for the ski and snowboard season like a Warren Miller film. I remember how much my dad enjoyed Warren Miller when I was a kid; he took us to our first film when I was about 7 years old. I have great memories of watching in awe as the skiers seemed to defy gravity, flying off the face of mountains, shredding the extreme mountain terrain, and out-running avalanches. This was all woven together with a great sense of humor and story-telling.

This annual tradition continues as my husband and I took our kids to Warren Miller‘s . . . Like There’s No Tomorrow – the 62nd Warren Miller feature film. The audience is part of the experience. We yelled, we cheered, we laughed – I thought about how I need to get into shape for the season if I’m going to heli-snowboard in Alaska…

Our family spent the rest of the evening talking about the event and planning our ski season. From impressive new tricks like an inverted tree to tree transfer, to global adventures in New Zealand, Chile, Sweden and India, everyone had a favorite part. My husband loves the idea of freestyle skier Andreas Hatveit’s world-class backyard terrain park, my youngest enjoyed the skiing Yetti – although everyone knows Yettis snowboard.

Want to start the tradition with your family, or head out for a fun date night? Warren Miller’s . . . Like There’s No Tomorrow is stopping in more than 240 U.S. cities, chances are it’s playing near you but only for a limited time. Like winter it will be gone before you know it – Click here for event times and locations.

Oh, and don’t forget to register for the giveaways at the show, and visit their website afterwards for more coupons and special offers from Warren Miller partners.