heavenly-ski-schoolTraveling with your brood is hard work. When you make a mistake, like driving to the wrong airport, it can feel like a real disaster.

Here at Traveling Mom, we aim to make you feel better.

We’ve asked travel writers from all over the web to tell us their biggest travel mistakes.

So the next time you’re kicking yourself for forgetting sippy cups, refer to this article and realize what a rock star you really are!

Let’s start with my story: “I was lucky enough to be taking my teen daughter on our dream vacation, a stay in the restored Bonaparte palace now the  Shangri-La. I went all out, I redeemed five gazillion American Express points for our two first class seats; we would be traveling in style. Sadly I read our arrival time in Paris as our departure time from New York City. I cried as our fully flat beds with eye masks departed without us.”

Got It Wrong Travel Mistakes

Good ‘n’ Crazy blogger and Traveling Mom contributor Carissa Rogers madea good and crazy travel mistake. “I mixed up my anniversary surprise for my husband last year! I booked a romantic moonlight canoe trip for the wrong night. You’d think I wouldn’t get my own anniversary wrong, eh? We ended up staying two night instead of one, thanks to friends babysitting an extra night.”

Nasreen Stump, Traveling Mom with Babies, Twitter Manager for TravelingMom.com, and founder of Rambling Stump, did a great job booking her airline tickets – for the wrong airport. “I was getting ready one morning to leave for a flight. As I printed out my tickets I realized that I had booked them out of Manchester NH not Burlington VT. With the flight leaving in two hours and Manchester three hours away we can all guess what happened, oops.”

Technology Traveling Mom Deb Steenhagen is great at details, most of the time. Except for a surprise trip she planned for her husband. “I surprised my hubby with a three-day weekend trip for all of us to DC for his birthday. He had never flown before. I never even noticed when booking the flights that although we flew into one airport in DC, our return flight left from another. We showed up at the wrong airport with no time left to make it to the other one to catch our flight. Thankfully the ticketing agent was able to switch us to a flight leaving from the airport we were at but for a while there we had no idea how we were going to get home.” You can read more from Deb on her blog, Just a Mom’s Take on Things.

Not-So-Funny Travel Mistakes

Katie Goldstein, editor of TravelingPanties.com warns about unethical travel guides. She was hustled on a trip to Vietnam and it almost ruined her trip. “Make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for in Vietnam. I got hustled by my tour guide who I thought was trustworthy into paying for a professional cooking class that was anything but. Vietnamese food has never left such a terrible taste in my mouth.”

Meaghan Shamy, Military Traveling Mom and founder of MommyTravels.net, tells a cautionary tale of doing your research BEFORE you leave home. “We let our 6-year-old skip school to take him skiing. We drove an hour to the ski resort only to find out they are closed on Mondays.”

Share Your Travel Mistakes

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