Waffle1I once heard a statistic that the average adult gains 7-10 pounds during the holiday season. What does the average child gain? If your family stays in hotels over the holidays how do you ensure that your child is getting a filling breakfast amidst the sugar cereals and danish? I say- Let them eat waffles! Sure waffles may not be the healthiest sounding but let’s face it the draw of using the waffle iron (and all Hampton Inns boast these now!) can sometimes color a child’s meal decision.

When you take the basic waffle (or half for smaller kids) and get creative with other ingredients on hand you can actually create a meal that is both filling, delicious, and not as bad as scarfing down a couple of fruit danish. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1) The Extravagant Banana Waffle- the worst of the bunch, this dessert/breakfast starts with a waffle (I split it with my 6yr old). Athletes often to look to bananas as a quick source of potassium and to resupply electrolytes so slice a banana onto each half of the waffle and fuel yourself and the kids for that walking tour! Drizzle with a small amount of syrup and add a squirt of whipped cream for a festive touch.

2) The Jammed Up Waffle- spread your waffle with strawberry jelly and look to see if your hotel has some fresh fruit. I like to slice fresh strawberries and layer them onto the jam. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, so try this one to ward off colds on the road.

3) The PBJ- The classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich lives on at breakfast- just spread half of the waffle (or ¼ for kids) with peanut butter and the jelly of your choice and amp up your protein intake. Maybe when the kids are ready for a nap you’ll still be going strong! (If you feel like channeling Elvis, forgo the jelly, slice up a banana and grab a slice of bacon.)

4) The Trail Mix- Take your waffle and parfait it up. Top with a scoop or two of yogurt and sprinkle with some raisins and nuts from the oatmeal bar. Treat your bones right on vacation with this calcium dosed breakfast.

5) The Creamy Melon- spread your waffle with a schmear of cream cheese and add some sliced honeydew or cantaloupe and you have a sweet treat that’s packed with vitamins A and C but runs roughly 56 calories per cup.

Enjoy these sweet day starters with your family this December and save some calories for the cookies and cakes that will come later this holiday season!

(Please note: I am not a nutritionist. I am a mom who likes to get the most bang for her buck at a hotels free breakfast. I also have to watch my blood sugar so I am always looking for healthy choices!)