tripcaseTripCase is a free app that allows you to organize your upcoming travel plans.  Once you have a trip planned you can import each of the details into the app.  All the information you will need for your trip will be organized in one place and readily available. Instead of searching through hundreds of emails to find one important detail, you will be able to bring up the info quickly through the app. 

Get Organized

Some of the things you can input include dates, times, confirmation numbers, hotel numbers, appointments, dining reservations and more.  Often if you have booked your travel through a travel agent the agent can automatically load your trip into your app for you. 

Monitor Your Trip


Once your itinerary is imputed, the app will monitor your trip.  TripCase can inform you of potential problems like flight delays or road constructions.  The app can also give you helpful tips like whether or not your hotel has a free shuttle.  The app goes a step further by giving you details you would not have known until your there. (Or, if you are like me, details I never would have thought to check for.)  For example, it could tell you the parking garage if full at the airport or where you can get coffee near your gate.

Share Your Trip

The TripCase app also allows you to easily share your trip with others.  You can choose to email it or share it through a social network.  After your trip is set up within the app it will email you a printable itinerary.  This is my favorite feature.  I like knowing that when I’m out of the country someone knows exactly where I am, especially when I’m traveling with the kids.