granolaThe three big expenses of a family vacation are transportation, lodging and food. Figure out a way to save on those, and suddenly a family vacation is much more affordable. For my family, saving on food is the easiest option. Not because I don’t feed my kids when we’re on vacation, but because we don’t eat out every meal, particularly breakfast.

If we are house swapping, we have access to a full kitchen, so even before we move into the house, we head to the grocery to pick up boxes of cereal, milk, fruit and other fixings for a healthy breakfast.

If we are staying at a hotel along the way of a multi-day road trip, we look for one that includes free breakfast. It is a little harder to find healthy options on those carb-laden buffets, but most offer cereal (try to steer the kids away from the sugary stuff, especially if they’ll be strapped into carseats for the next few hours) and some even offer hard-boiled eggs.

For more ideas on starting your family with a healthy breakfast, check out this video from Vicks Nature Fusion.


Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by Vicks Nature Fusion