DenversnowPensacola, Florida seems like it is a million miles away from our new home in Denver, Colorado.  Since our move from sea level to the Mile High City a few months ago, this Southern Traveling Mom has been slowly adjusting to the altitude, the cold weather and big city living.  Sometimes, it is easy to speak before thinking and we have asked some silly questions or said some strange things along the way. 

That is not a cleaning tool.

“I think that they left behind some cleaning tool,” I said as I hopped into the rental car. 

My husband was picking me up for a house hunting trip at Denver International Airport.  He gently told me that was no cleaning tool but was in fact an industrial strength ice scraper.  This ice scraper was at least a foot and a half in length.

Activities are not put on hold.

“Will we still go snowmobiling in this snowstorm?”

While meeting with a representative for Breckenridge, I foolishly asked her if our snowmobiling adventure would be cancelled because of the heavy snow.  She gave me a big smile and said that all snow activities go on in the snow.  I appreciate that she didn’t make fun of me. 

Snow days don’t happen just because it snows.

“Maybe the kids won’t have school tomorrow,” I exclaimed with excitement as I watched the snow fall outside of our window.

In Pensacola, we would get a hurricane day if it seemed like a hurricane was headed our way.  With the exception of a few storms (like Ivan and Dennis), we would wake up in the morning to beautiful blue skies and a day off of school.  Snow days don’t work the same.  We went to bed and it was snowing.  We woke up and it was snowing.  The kids still had school.

Seafood is not off the boat fresh.  And it is expensive.

“Would you recommend the seafood pasta dish?” I asked the waiter. 

The waiter responded that it was pretty good but he grew up in Maine so he was biased about his seafood.  After telling him that I just moved from the Gulf Coast, he recommended that I try something else.  Like a steak.  If you want rainbow trout, you will find it by the truckload.  Shrimp and mahi-mahi on the other hand are likely frozen and expensive.