foodplateIs it possible to love a website?  I mean literally wanting to hug the founder, send flowers and candy to tell them personally that they have made your life so much easier and paper free?  I have found mine.  It’s called

This site is a blessing for all, especially for those with food allergies or who have children with food allergies.  All in one location, or on your iPhone app, are “the lists” (in food allergy land, this is the list that contains all of the “other” names for the allergen).  For example, eggs can be listed 27 different ways on an ingredient label.  TWENTY SEVEN!  Given that my child has multiple food allergies, which means I can either learn over 100 different names to avoid on ingredients, or, carry around “the lists” in paper form and pull the out each time I shop, but not anymore!

More than just a food allergy site

Among the other cool features for those with allergies is a data base of over 50,000 foods.  You tell it what you need to avoid, it shows you pictures of the items that are safe to buy, and which are the healthiest. 


The site is not only for those with food allergies, but for everyone wanting to feed their families the best, most nutritional foods out there.  According to the they “will help you to easily find the foods you can eat and the foods you can’t.”

They don’t stop there.  There is also nutritional information for dieters, a profile you can set up for your personalized needs, a great blog, food health scores, a recipe index, side-by-side comparisons of ingredient labels on popular products and so much more. 

I’m beyond excited to work more with the site, especially when I travel and some of our “go-to” foods cannot be brought along or found.  In fact, using the site recently, I’ve discovered that I no longer need to make my sad, runny excuse for cake frosting but can indeed BUY it!  It’s been a long time coming. 

Thank you