FamilyWalkingOnBeachLet’s be honest: When planning a trip with young kids, it is nice to have a little bit of help. Without help, you as a parent do not get anywhere near the amount of time relaxing that you were used to before having kids. We’ve done trips both by ourselves as a family of four and with bringing my parents, “Nana” and “Papa” along, and I have to say, bringing grandparents is the way to go.

Here are five reasons to consider bringing Nana on your next family vacation:

1. Two extra hands. Better yet, bring Papa — it’s four extra hands.  

As much as we have tried to teach our kids to carry their own stuff, when they get tired, that goes out the window and the amount of stuff required for kids is just a lot more than without.  It is nice to have extra hands for luggage when navigating airports, for shopping bags when being tourists and for gear when headed to the pool.

2. The kids love spending time with Nana.

There is nobody on this earth that my kids get more excited to see than Nana. An entire week traveling with Nana is their dream come true. Nana plays the coolest games, sings the best songs and is just all-around fun to be around.

3. Dedicated time with Mom.

Amongst the craziness of life, it is difficult to find time to just hang out with my mom. Time away during a destination vacation gives us concentrated time to reconnect and catch up, even if there are kids crawling all over us. It is as good for our relationship as it is for my kids’ relationship with her.

4. Nana loves to buy things for the kids.

What Mommy and Daddy won’t buy for the kids, Nana will. There is just something about grandparenthood. They cannot say no. Bring an extra bag to pack the souvenirs.

5. Vacation Date Night!

Dinners with kids on vacation can be especially challenging. They are off their routine and tired from the days activities. It is very appealing to have a couple of nights of time away, together as a couple. Nana and Papa are often, thrilled to watch the kids and grant that needed time away for a vacation date night.

Photo by Dream Art Photography