farmtotableWhen you travel, do you search for locally grown and prepared food, or are you content to dine on the all to familiar restaurant chain?

We have all been in situations with hungry kids, delayed planes, traffic, and the welcoming fast food sign that seems to solve all of the problems.  But, part of the joy of traveling for me is in the locally made products; especially food.

The United States has spent years importing ingredients from all over the world but that equates to a big eco footprint.  This is why you hear the term “Farm to Table” so much.  Many local chefs are using locally grown produce and other products at their restaurants.

This is especially true in Hawaii.  I just had a marvelous vacation eating my way through Maui last week. It’s really a wonderful thing to know that the honey served on your poha berry muffin is locally harvested and of of course the berries are hand picked. When we visited the Maui surfing goat farm, they were selling their award winning goat cheese that tasted so much fresher than one you would find at the grocery store.

I also found a great restaurant called Pacific O.  It’s located in Lahaina right on the water. They have their own organic farm where they grow all of their produce for their menu.  The fish comes in fresh and you can literally watch the fisherman walking in the restaurant holding their days catch.  Even the bartender used all fresh ingredients from their farm.  I had a yummy lilikoi martini and daikon pasta served with fresh ahi.  

It’s fun looking for places on your travels that promote locally grown or raised animals, vegetables, herbs, and fruit. They taste better, are better for you, and help the local economy.