one-pot-mealThe crock pot is a traveling mom’s best friend. When I travel without my kids, I still feel responsible for making sure they are eating healthy while I’m away. So, unless my flight is at the crack of dawn, I take a few minutes before I head to the airport to put together a one-pot meal. My family’s favorite is my EZ-PZ leftover turkey soup, but that is only an option in the days after Thanksgiving when I have leftover turkey. The rest of the time, I turn to my crock pot.

My family’s favorite crock pot meal couldn’t be easier. I use a roast, a 1-pound package of mini carrots, a small onion and one package of onion soup mix. Put it all in the pot, add a quarter cup of water, cover and set on low. It cooks all day and my husband and kids return home that night to the wonderful smells of a home-cooked meal even though I haven’t been home to cook it.

I’m also a big fan of double duty dinners, especially just before I travel. I’ll make extra baked chicken one night, then cut up the leftovers into chunks, add them to a pie crust along with a bag of frozen vegetables, cover it with a can of condensed cream soup (herb chicken or cream of celery work best), and put it in the fridge. Then all my family has to do when they get home is bake it at 350 degrees for 60 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.

For an easy but yummy one-pot corn and chicken chowder recipe, watch this video from Vicks Nature Fusion.

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