Superbowl Snacks CollageIt’s Superbowl time and as those of you who have ever joined in on a Traveling Mom twitter party may realize- we LOVE food! I’ve rounded up some of my fellow TMOM’s favorite Superbowl snacks and we are ready to share. If you’re not hungry yet, you will be!

Special Needs Traveling Mom, Karin Sheets, shares her Friday night pizza recipe with us. Experiment with this for your Superbowl party by cutting the pizzas into strips for easy hors d’oevres. Need to keep the kids busy? Split them up and let them top the pizzas with team color toppings and see which team is the Flavor Bowl winner.

Teresa Shaw, our Working Traveling Mom, let us in on her special egg salad. The secret ingredient? Avocados (oops, it may not be a secret anymore)!  These would be great cut into squares and served TV-side. My love for avocados doesn’t end here though.

Fair Trade Traveling Mom, Megy Karydes, kicks traditional guacamole up a notch with the addition of mangos. Since I know she’s freezing her butt off in Chicago I like her method for “escaping” to the tropics. This snack would also travel well to a friend’s house (and we love traveling here at TMOM).


Carissa Rogers, GoodNCrazy Traveling Mom, shares a multi-tasking side dish that also can work for Game Day- Stuffed Potatoes. These treats are topped with melted cheese and sure to score a touchdown in your house any night of the week.

Deals Traveling Mom, Lara Dipaola, turns sweet pears into a delicious drink for those who want a special cocktail to sip in front of the big screen. Start now though the Pear Vodka needs a little time to come together.

My contribution to this choice collection? Baked Jalapeno Boats. I took the frying out and left the flavor in. These gluten-free goodies are sure to please the spice lovers in your family.

Enjoy and let us know what you think or link up your favorite recipe!

Nasreen Stump is a freelance writer who lives in Vermont. Find food recipes and Vermont life at her website. Check her out on Twitter, Facebook, and InstagramOr join her on Pinterest and waste hours of your time too.