texasttTexas Multi Mamas is a new reality show which premiered on Tuesday, December 27. This series, which takes place in Dallas, Texas, follows a group of young moms who planned to have one baby but came home with two, three or four. Having bonded in a support group for parents of multiples, Candace, Casey, Suz, Tonia, Teryn, and Stephanie help each other strike a balance between managing their large broods and having some big girl fun for themselves.

I had the chance to interview Teryn Todd! Here’s her traveling advice:
Any travel tips from a mom of multiples:
On car trips I learned to pack paper towels, wipes, plastic grocery bag, bucket, extra change of clothes – car sickness can sneak up on ya. I also bring all common medicines used (tylenol & motrin, breathing treatment meds & nebulizer – learned this the hard way).

Pack plenty of snacks and drinks – these are great distractions! Also, if you have a TV in your car, new movies that they haven’t seen (but I don’t start the TV until I MUST – Save it!). Bring toys for the hotel, again preferrably new ones if you can. Oh, I also bring a stool from our bathroom. The boys can’t see over the sink and washing hands is much faster and less of a pain if they can actually stand and reach the sink!

What are your favorite family friendly trips?
We haven’t been able to take many trips. Our kids are just so thankful to get to “go” they don’t care where. If we go and stay somewhere that isn’t “home” it’s a “vacation” to them! We (mom and dad) love to ski so we hope one day soon to be able to take them – what a fun sight that will be to see MY kids ski! They always ask when we can go to “Mickey’s house” (aka Disney World) and I tell them, one day 🙂


When you don’t have to care for the children, what’s one way you love to relax?
I love going to the spa and shopping. If I had a long weekend away from the kids and it was winter, I promise my husband would want to go skiing. We would go all the time before we had kids. But once you have kids, all your money tends to go to things other than the spa, shopping and vacationing!! I do like to read and work out – but working out isn’t all that relaxing! One thing that I do if it’s an hour here or there is catch up on the million things on my DVR! I love sitting with either hot tea or a glass of wine (depending on the day ive had) and catch up and clean out the memory – most of the time it sits at 99% full!

I’m sure plenty of moms can relate! Be sure to check your local listing for Texas Multi Mamas!